Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Holiday Designs Debut this week! Custom Photo Cards & Stationery

Most of my holiday photo cards will be added this week. I already added some of the new designs, but many more to go! Remember that you can change the wording on any card to make it your own.

I will be out most of the day on Thursday, so if you try to reach me, expect a delay in response time.

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Jodee said...

I am loving your Holiday Designs:)Your getting me in the mood with all of them!

BTW where did you get your Naughty and Nice shirs for your boys at? I am loving those! Such a great idea for pictures:)

cutiepiescustomcreations said...


I got those shirts from a girl who had sold on ebay and then had her own site for custom clothes, but it doesn't look like she is selling anymore :( I tried her site and her ebay store but neither come up.