Sunday, March 29, 2009

Personalized Monogram Letter Notepad

How would you like to win one of these?

You can! I am giving away two of these new pads (also available in a teal/brown combo) this week on a really talented friends blog! Enter to win at Be sure to check it out for your chance to get one of these adorable pads for free.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Time to order your Easter cards!

As he was loading up to go to school this morning, my oldest son said, "I wonder what you are going to get me for Easter?" This set off a bit of panic as I scrambled to think how long I had until always seems to sneak up on me anymore! I know the stores have had Easter goodies lining the aisles, & I have been working on Easter samples, but have not given any thought to the Easter bunny yet!

Here is one of the newer designs I have added for Easter:

Just over a week left in the Start Up Moms Top 200 Business Contest. If you have a free minute (or less!) please take the time to vote here. You can vote once a day from now til March 31st (which eeek is next week, which brings me back to those Bunny preparations!)

And, don't forget to get your Easter orders in!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

DVD Swap--Check it out!

My blog in mainly devoted to my business, but ccasionally I will share tidbits from our life, or post about things of interest to me. Today I wanted to take a minute to share a really cool site I recently used!

I love to read! Last year I joined Paperback Swap, which I LOVE, and I now have a whole stack of TO BE READ books on my nightstand that I did not have to pay for. No money for mama to buy books around here :) well, PBS has several sister sites, but I had not joined them. There are a few TV shows I have gotten interested in watching lately that I have not followed or are no longer on the air. Usually I rent these from my Blockbuster Online acct, but the problem is they only send one disc from the set at a time, and I get impatient waiting for the next episode! So, on a whim, yesterday I decided to sign up for DVD Swap. (Which, by the way is super easy to use) I listed 10 DVDs that were just taking up space to earn my free credit...a combination of some kids dvds and regular movies. None were anything popular or new. By yesterday evening I had 5 requests! You earn a credit for each DVD you send out to another member, so I got 5 more credits on my first day of membership. Today, I found another kids DVD to list, and as soon as I listed, it was requested! We have so many DVDs the kids have either outgrown or just were not interested in, so this is a great way to free up some clutter and get some new DVDs in exchange!

*If my username does show up in the box where it asks who referred you automatically, please enter me as my3littleguys.

Here is my link. Take a look around! If you decide to join, please use my link--anytime someone joins thru your link & lists their first 10 DVDs, you get a free DVD credit.

If you havent checked out Paperback Swap, my link is on the right hand side of my blog near the bottom. They also run CD Swap, although I do not belong to that one yet.

I highly recommend any of these sites, especially in a time when many of us are trying to spend less...and, they are great for reducing the clutter in your house b/c you are recycling your books and DVDs rather than just adding new ones to the piles!

I hope this helps someone!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Custom Photo Easter Bunny Card Invitation

Wow, has it been a busy week! Aside from orders, celebrating my 6 y/o's birthday & party this weekend, plus appointments, meetings, etc.

Here is a recent custom design...the customer was looking for a spring/Easter themed bunny invitation to celebrate her daughter's first birthday. This can easily be adapted as a simple easter card, or the bunny can be omitted for a fun, pastel invitation without the theme.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Hayden!

My oldest son turned 6 today! Its hard for me to believe it has been that long since I held my tiny firstborn in my arms.

It's been a wonderful journey from here...(one of my few digital images from his baby-hood!)

To here...

To celebrate Hayden's birthday I am offering a special coupon code that is good now thru Monday for $6 off any order of $25 or more! To redeem enter HAYDEN6 at checkout.

*Note I will be working on a very limited basis both today and Sunday as we celebrate with him. Thanks!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Schedule Updates

Just a note that I will be out of the office tomorrow morning for my weekly volunteer time at my oldest son's school. He turns 6 on Thursday, so I am also busy this week with our family celebration and prepping for his party this weekend. As a result, you may notice a longer response time for emails, as I am keeping my work on orders first priority to stay on schedule. Thanks!