Monday, May 25, 2009

Another Graduate...(Preschool, that it!)

My middle son Cooper graduated from preschool last week! He was SO proud. He did have a few teary moments as he walked out--I think he was overwhelmed by all of the people looking at him, as it was quite the crowd, and he was the first graduate to enter! Now we have just 6 1/2 days of school to go for my 1st grader and then all 3 of them will be home full time again.

How cute is he? I know I am biased, but still... :)

Hope everyone is having a relaxing Memorial Day weekend! I have spent a lot of time organizing the house. I wanted to get the playroom and the boys rooms set up and reorganized before they are all home and have more hours in the day to make messes! We actually got to swim for the first time of the season yesterday. I think that may be the earliest we have been in for awhile. I am happy they will get some practice in the pool before their swimming lessons at the end of June.

Please note, that it is still extremely hectic here as school winds down...I am working hard to keep on top of orders, but you will likely notice a longer response time for emails.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Proud Moment!

So proud of my 6 year old right now! In April I posted about the Henry's Hustle event that took place yesterday to raise funds to support Alex's Lemonade Stand, the Foundation of Childhood Cancer, in honor of 4 year old Henry, who lost his battle with cancer in February. Henry was the younger brother of my son's classmate. Part of the event was a 1 mile run, and my son was determined to run in it. I didn't think he would make it through one whole mile, and figured we would see his dad carrying him on his back to the finish line. (He raced with him) Not only did Hayden finish the whole race, but he did in the pouring rain! It began to rain right after we arrived for registration, and continued thru the entire run. I am so proud of his determination & perseverance!!! Here are a few pics of my big guy nearing the finish line :)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Graduation Announcement / Invitation

Sharing a few of my favorite new graduation announcement/invitation designs! Shown here as a graduation announcement, but can be customized for other purposes here. See it here as a sweet sixteen birthday invitation, or see it modified as a rectangular birthday invitation here. As soon as I have a chance, I will be uploading it in some other popular color combos as well.

This graduation invitation was modified from the Circle Burst Watermelonbirthday design. I love the bright colors combined with the bursts! Most any design can be modified for a new purpose.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

I hope all of the moms out there have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend! In honor of these special ladies, we are offering a 10% discount on all orders placed on Friday the 8th thru Monday the 11th at midnight. Use the code MOMS10 to redeem your discount.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Teacher Appreciation Gifts

This coming week is the commonly recognized Teacher Appreciation Week, with Wednesday being the official Teacher Appreciation Day; however, school districts/schools often select another week to celebrate. In addition to Teacher Appreciation Week, the end of the year is fast approaching--sooner for some than others!

I am a former teacher myself, my husband is a teacher, and my mother & father in law are both retired teachers, so I know firsthand how hard teachers work, and wholly appreciate how important their job is. Teaching is rewarding, but it was always nice to receive a reminder that your parents & students were thankful for the job you were doing. As you will hear from many teachers, so often the most cherished gifts are those from the heart---the sincere letters and cards you receive with words of thanks. For me, the concept "It's the thought that counts" could not hold more true. I received gifts over the years that I loved, of course, but just the fact that they took the time to think of me was the best gift of all.

In my stationery business, I like to provide an assortment of gifts for teachers. In my heart I will always be one, no matter if I am in the classroom or not, and I like to offer gifts that are both practical & affordable. My teacher notepads & notecards are top sellers every year. I offer a large selection of designs, and all can be personalized for the teachers in your family's life! Stop by the site and browse the teacher designs today--order soon for end of the year gifts, as it takes time for me to personalize and handcraft your products!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Custom Birthday Invitation Collage Card

I loved this custom card design! The customer wanted something to coordinate her daughter's outfit, and she ordered these in 5x7 pearl-finish cardstock--they turned out gorgeous with the slight sheen of the pearl paper.

Backside of the card. Available for cardstock panel cards, and may be customized to suit! You could add additional photos, additional information such as directions to the party, etc. Completely customizable!