Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Please excuse the non-stationery related post :) I just had to share this because I find it so incredible. Last night, we had planned to grill hot dogs & hamburgers for dinner. We have only used the grill once so far this season, back when it was just starting to get warmed up. My husband decided he wanted to use a restaurant gift card instead. Later that evening, he opened up the grill to a big surprise! I was sitting at my laptop right beside the patio doors & saw it happen. THIS is what we saw:

Imagine our surprise! Needless to say, its a good thing our dinner plans had changed and he hadnt fired up the grill!

And, to add to the complications, THIS is what was inside the nest:

There are two of them that we can see. My mother in law came over this morning and we showed her the nest---now, last night after discovering the nest I had promptly called my mom and my mother in law to tell them all about it. My mother in law was in shock, despite the fact that I had repeatedly described the nest as taking up the ENTIRE INSIDE of the grill, she could not believe how big it was. (She said she thought I was exaggerating!) She thought the baby birds were adorable too. My husband & I agreed that these are faces only a mother could love!

As I am sitting here typing, the mother bird keeps flying in & out of the grill thru the tiny opening on the side. This is the only way she could get in & out, so apparently she built up that huge nest bit by bit by flying in through that opening. Funny thing was, both my mother in law and I had observed this mother bird sitting on the deck rail beside the grill repeatedly. We thought she had to be building a nest nearby but we saw no evidence of one! Little did we know, we should have popped open the grill!


Lisa Harrison said...

holy COW Jen. That is a big nest. Is there only one baby bird there?? Thanks for taking the pictures.

cutiepiescustomcreations said...

There are 2 BIG babies in there! Taking the pics was funny--he kept moving and scaring me & I was afraid I was going to fall of the deck, lol!

Jodee said...

That is the biggest nest ever! Gosh I dont think Eagles make nest bigger than that thing! I would of been so scared opening that up- I would think the mother bird would come swop down and attack me!!!

cutiepiescustomcreations said...

lol Jodee, you & me both! I kept making my husband open it b/c they were freaking me out :)